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Music & Sound Ministries

The Music Ministry and the Sound Ministry are essential to the Worship Services, the Bible Study and the classes at New Mount Olive.  They also accompany the Pastor when he goes on outside engagements. The Music Ministry is under the direction of
Mr. Frank Nelson, Minister of Music at New Mount Olive.

Religious Objects
Religious Objects

The Crusaders

The Crusaders were established to go forth regularly to spread the gospel in an ever widening area. They have also undertaken the task of contacting each new member immediately after they New Mount Olive to welcome them and present the plan of salvation.  They provide an important link between the new member and the Church, and can provide answers to any questions the new member may have, or direct them to someone who can. All members of the Crusaders have successfully completed the Evangelism Class.

The Singles and Couples Ministres

At New Mount Olive, the Singles and Couples Ministries are not social clubs. The Singles Ministry studies the accomplishments of single people in the Bible and how God used them. The Couples Ministry studies how to have a godly relationship with your spouse. These ministries also spearhead the "First Plate" program at Thanksgiving and Christmas in which members of New Mount Olive donate the first plate from their table to feed the hungry. Many so not only bring their first plate, they bring enough to feed several people.

Couple at the Beach
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