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Items needed for the Food Pantry:

Numbers in ( ) indicate number of items needed for a basket

Barbecue Sauce(2)  Beanie Weenies(6)  Cake Icing(2)  Cake Mix(2) Canned Yams(2)  Cereal(2)  Cooking Oil(1)  Cranberry Sauce(2)  Crackers(1)   Flour (5/10lb)(1)   Grape Jelly(1)  Grits(1)  Jiffy Corn Bread Mix(2)  Ketchup(1)   Mayonnaise(1)   Mustard(1)  Oatmeal(1)  Oodles of Noodles(6 pack)  Pancake Mix(1)  Pancake Syrup(1)  Peanut Butter(1)  Pepper(1)  Pork-N-Beans(6)  Pasta w/meat (6)  Relish(1)  Rice (large/small bag)(1)  Salt(1)  Soup with Meat(6)  Spaghetti Noodles(2) Spaghetti Sauce(2)  Stuffing(2)   Sugar (4/10lb)(1)  Tuna Fish(6)   Vienna Sausages(6)  Corn(6)  Green Beans(6) Sweet Peas(6)  Macaroni & Cheese(6)

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